About Flex - Cincinnati Personal Training


Flex is a hybrid gym founded in 1994 offering affordable personal training in a friendly and supportive group atmosphere. Unlike boot camp workouts, your workout at Flex is designed especially for you given your fitness level, health goals, and special requirements.

Many people join gyms but don’t know how to work out efficiently to get the best results. At Flex all the guess work about how to work out properly is gone. Your exercise session is ready when you arrive. The exercise sets, weights, reps and intensity are selected and correct form is explained and reinforced. All you have to worry about is showing up.

It’s important to build strength and endurance over time. When you become a client at Flex, you will begin with shorter workouts to “get the cobwebs out”. Even if you have been doing a fitness program, it is important to not overdo and become very sore at the beginning. As clients progress in their training, workouts become more challenging.

Free weights are the primary focus of the Flex fitness program. Using free weights efficiently strengthens muscle, bones, tendons and ligaments all at the same time. In addition, building muscle raises the metabolism and supports the whole body. Clients report that regular weight training leads to weigh loss, improved appearance, better performance in sports, recreation and work.

Cardio and a variety ab exercises are also important for a complete workout. Running, jogging, walking, plyometrics, interval training, cardio boxing, as well as cardio machines are incorporated into each workout.

At Flex, we believe that health and fitness are essential for living a full and satisfying life. We want you to leave each session having accomplished a comprehensive workout appropriate for your body and your goals.